Cost of Breast Implants

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In the UK, breast implants cost from £3, 000 to £7, 000. The cost is affected by the size and type of implant, because different implants require more skill or time and can therefore cost more or less. There are other factors that affect the cost of the surgery also; the location of your clinic can affect the cost, for instance, or the skill and experience of your surgeon.

Going Abroad for Breast Implants

If the cost concerns you, going abroad can offer a hugely reduced price. Poland is one option that offers breast surgery at only a few hundred pounds. Before running over there though, much research must be carried out. This is because safety is of the utmost importance.

Repeated Surgeries

When considering having implants you must be aware that removal and replacement surgery is very likely and necessary: breast implants do not last forever so you must be financially prepared for, perhaps, many surgeries throughout your life.  Certainly younger patients will have a longer period of time in which ruptures and complications can occur and must therefore be aware that even more money may be spent on maintaining their breast implants.

Alternatively, if you are not prepared to continually maintain your breast enlargements, you must be prepared for your breasts to, at some point, return to their previous state or a worse state (this is because puckering or dimpling can occur if implants are removed).

Breast Implant Insurance Plans

Since it is acknowledged that breast implants are likely to need replacement or removal some clinics offer insurance, which can cover you for certain breast enlargement related risks. This means that if you suffer from, say, capsular contracture within a certain period of time after your surgery, then the costs of another procedure will be covered by the insurance. You must, though, enquire into whether this affects any rights after a dissatisfactory or unsuccessful surgery. Do not be afraid to ask questions, this is your money and your body and your concerns must be addressed.

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