Booking an Appointment for Breast Enlargement (Breast Implants)

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Your GP will make a referral with a reputable and experienced cosmetic surgeon in your area. You can also book a consultation by directly contacting clinics. Information on established clinics and surgeons in your area can be found through the British Association of Aesthetics Plastic Surgeons and the General Medical Council.

The first priority should be to make an appointment to discuss every aspect of breast enlargement surgery in great detail before you make a final decision on whether to go through with the procedure. You should be very suspicious about clinics and surgeons that try to force you to commit to anything. Professionals will insist that you take your time and consider your options before committing to any form of surgery. In most cases, the surgeon will advise you take at least two weeks after the first consultation before finalising your decision. Many surgeons could insist on several visits, to determine if you have the same level of enthusiasm about the prospect of cosmetic surgery as the first time you met.

Once you are absolutely certain you want to proceed with augmentation surgery, arrange a date with the surgeon that is practical for you. Book time off work – you will probably need to arrange at least one week off but you could require longer. Inquire about aftercare during the recovery period and make sure you have someone to take you home after surgery.

You will have to sign a consent form before the procedure but if there is any element of doubt in your mind, pull out of it. Don’t worry about the preparations the clinic has put in place for you. They will support and assist you in anyway they can and the last thing a surgeon wants to do is perform cosmetic surgery on somebody with doubts in the back of their mind.

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