Breast Enlargement (Breast Implants) on the NHS

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Even at it’s cheapest, and with the help of repayment plans, affording the cost of safe and reliable breast enlargement surgery still remains out of reach for a lot of people. In rare cases, it can be made available on the National Health Service.

You have probably read and watched the news on how the NHS struggles to cope with the health demands of the nation. With resources stretched for patients with serious medical conditions, cosmetic surgery is not seen as a high priority and is still considered a luxury rather than a necessity.  This is why requesting breast enlargement surgery on the NHS is extremely difficult and is often rejected. But if you suffer from severe depression due to your physical appearance and you desperately require surgery to boost your self-esteem, there is a chance you might be eligible.

If you want breast enlargements on the basis of your mental health, consult your GP and inquire about a psychiatrist’s evaluation. If it is clear that depression is evident, you may be legible for receiving enhancements with the help of the NHS.

Women who have a mastectomy (an operation to remove a breast) due to breast cancer or an accident are more likely to receive help on the NHS than those who require it for cosmetic reasons. In these cases it’s possible for the patient’s body fat to be taken from less desired areas to improve breast shape, as opposed to using silicone or saline implants. It can often be a long, drawn out process if you apply to have augmentation surgery on the NHS before you are even considered for approval, but don’t give up.

No matter how depressed you feel, don’t allow yourself to be persuaded by cheap operations. There is a higher risk of complications if an unqualified surgeon carries out the procedure.

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