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Breast Implant Replacement

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If you require breast implant replacements, the procedure, is performed under general anesthetic. It involves the surgeon making an incision around the areola or in the crease underneath the breast or at the side of the armpit area.

He/she will remove the silicone implant and examine it for signs of leakage and damage. If they are saline implants then the surgeon will be able to deflate it first then remove it – although the substance inside is, according to experts, is harmless, if it somehow becomes infected with bacteria, then it could have repercussions. Once the surgeon is satisfied, he/she will then insert a new implant, just as before. Any post-operation pain can be treated with painkillers when you wake up. In terms of recovery, you’ll need a few days to recover and somebody must take you home after the operation.

Reasons for Breast Implant Replacements

Choosing the wrong size the first time around is often the cause for breast implant replacement. For your first enhancement, your surgeon will decide on implants which are anatomically proportional to the rest of your body, which is usually the best option.

Some women may discover their new large breasts are too intrusive in their life, or look unnatural or even cause back pain. If you have larger enhancements it usually means there is a higher risk of complications. This may result in the need for breast implant replacement.

Once the surgeon examines you, he/she may decide a replacement isn’t necessary. Further surgery could needlessly compromise your health, so unless there is a compelling reason to undergo it, some surgeons might be reluctant.

You need to be careful about unscrupulous surgeons who only have a financial interest in your decision to have bigger, and unnecessary, replacements. A qualified and experienced surgeon will give an honest recommendation.

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