Natural Looking Breast Implants - "Natural Boob Job"

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The various techniques involved in breast surgery means some implants will look more natural than others. The end result will depend on many things, most noticeably on the quality of the surgeon. Top class surgeons who are fully qualified in plastic surgery are more successful at recreating natural looking breasts than those who are less experienced. Expectations must be realistic though and it is possible the surgery could have an adverse effect. Asymmetry, consular contracture and rippling can all contribute to an appearance that is uneven. The ripples can be visible, while the breasts might sit up too high or hang down to low.

Incision methods will determine how much scarring will ensue after the operation, and the more scarring there is the easier to tell that implant surgery has taken place.

The problem with some forms of surgery is that the end result can make breasts look unnaturally rounded and this can be a giveaway sign that you have undergone cosmetic enhancement. If a more natural and refined look is what you’re after, tell your surgeon. He/she will discuss different methods and types of implants that can be used to achieve a look that is more discrete and less obvious.

Many surgeons believe silicone implants are better suited at providing a superior look and feel. The other option is saline implants, and although a number of medical experts insist they are safer, the implant struggles to replicate a realistic looking breast. A way to improve this is to have the saline implant inserted below the main chest muscle, but this method could mean more pain after surgery. 

In some cases, the standards in the best clinics are so high that it can be difficult for someone to tell whether you have had a "boob job" or not regardless of type if breast implant used.

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