Reasons for having Breast Enlargement (Breast Implants)

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There are many reasons why women want to undergo an operation to have breast enlargements. Women who feel demoralised by the small size of their bust consider surgery in an effort to improve confidence and self-belief. Many feel their limited size has held them back for too long and affects their morale in public, when their physical appearance plays on their mind. Others are more than happy with their natural look but feel surgery gives their appearance an extra edge and their personality a new dimension.

Breast cancer sufferers or women involved in a serious accident and have had no choice but to undergo a mastectomy, could opt for reconstruction surgery to help them recover from their ordeal. The results can vary in these circumstances, but if some attempt is made to restore the shape and feel of the breast to how it was prior to their anguish, it could help the patient move on and get some normality back into their lives.

Childbirth, breastfeeding, significant weight loss and ageing can all contribute to the breasts changing in appearance and often women feel augmentation surgery would be a viable way to correct this. Some women’s breasts are uneven, and with one looking completely different in terms of shape to the other, an augmentation may be seem a good option. The improved techniques and safety measures employed by top surgeons and clinics has also encouraged more women, who were previously deterred by the risks associated with breast enlargement surgery, to come forward.

Methods for breast enlargement are so advanced that they can put an emphasise not only on the size of the enlargement, but also the shape and symmetry, to the point where the breast or breasts look very natural and its difficult to tell whether the patient has had implants or not.

It is important to be aware that no surgical procedure is not without risk and complications. Also, the results of cosmetic surgery can vary, and may not even match your original expectations. Be very thorough and discuss other alternatives before pressing ahead with augmentation surgery. Take your time and arrange a consultation with your GP and fully qualified surgeons before making a final decision.

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