Questions to ask a Breast Enlargement (Breast Implants) Surgeon

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You shouldn’t rush into breast enlargement surgery until you have researched the area thoroughly and gave it plenty of consideration. When weighing up your options try arranging consultations with as many qualified surgeons as possible. This provides a chance to discuss in great detail the risks and benefits of augmentation surgery and you will acquire more knowledge on the subject. You will then feel you are in a better position to make an informed choice about what to do next.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible, no matter how trivial they seem. A qualified expert and someone who has your best interests at heart will be happy to assist with any queries to put your mind at ease. The surgeon will advise you about alternatives but won’t push you into anything and will be happy to give you time and space to make your own decision.

Have a list of questions ready for your consultation. You might want to ask about the following issues:

  • The risks of breast enlragements
  • The benefits of breast enlragements
  • What to do if the implant ruptures
  • What to do before and after surgery
  • The pain during and following breast enlragement
  • Pros and cons of silicone and saline implants
  • Nipple sensation and breastfeeding
  • Aftercare
  • Cost (including aftercare) of breast enlragements

If you are having reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy you could have the option of transferring fat from another part of your body as well as having an implant inserted.

Ask the surgeon if he/she has ever been involved in controversy or if they have been disciplined. The onus should be on the surgeon to prove they are trustworthy and experienced enough.

Each session could last anywhere between 30-45 minutes. Some clinics will charge for a consultation, others could offer the first one free and require a fee for later visits but it is important to have a professional and thorough evaluation.

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