Breast Implants for Tubular Breasts

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It is common, and indeed the norm, for all of us to feel insecure and self conscious about our breasts at some point in our lives. Obviously the most common time is puberty, however this is not necessarily true for everyone. This is even more applicable if you feel that there is something ‘wrong’ with your breasts. As with anything to do with your body, if you are concerned about your breasts then consult your doctor or health professional.

How to tell if you have Tubular Breasts

Very few women have breasts that are exactly equal and matching in size. However, for some it may be more noticeable and so more of a problem. If you feel self conscious about the shape or size of your breasts then you should consult a doctor. Tubular breasts, or tuberous breasts, are typically characterised by an unnatural sagging of the breasts. This is caused by a larger than ‘normal’ gap between the breasts and insufficient tissue at the top of each breast to provide support. This however is only a rough guide. Bear in mind that it is entirely different for each individual and, if you are concerned you may have tubular breasts then you should get an expert medical opinion before taking any further action.

Long term Effects of having Tubular Breasts

The long term effects of having Tubular breasts are mainly psychological. The severity of this will vary depending on the severity of your condition. Some women also deal better with it than others. If you are a naturally self conscious person then you are bound to be more sensitive about having tuberous breasts, particularly if it becomes clearly noticeable.

As tubular breasts are characterised by the breasts sitting further apart and sagging more than is usual, it is common for this sagging to increase with age. Just as you would expect this to happen to breasts as you get older, it does so with tubular breasts too. Therefore you may initially decide not to have an elective surgical procedure however, with time, you may find that the sagging of your breasts has become even more pronounced.

Indeed this natural sagging with age may be more pronounced than for women who do not have tubular breasts. Because of the insufficient amount of breast tissue at the base of the breast there is much less support than there would usually be. This means that this lack of support causes the breasts to droop and also makes the natural effects of age and gravity more pronounced. So at this time you may not feel that your condition is that severe but over time you may find that it does become worse; this is not a guarantee though.

It may therefore be that in the short term you may feel confident enough with your condition, or you may only have mildly tubular breasts, and so avoid having breast surgery. However in the long term you may well reconsider and contemplate having this surgery if you find that they have continued to sag and you are no longer happy with your breasts.

Why consider Breast Surgery for Tubular Breasts

If you find that the way you feel about your tubular breasts is having a dramatic detrimental effect on you and how you live your life then you may well want to consider having corrective surgery.

It can be hard to feel good about your appearance when you feel there is a problem with how your breasts look. Breast surgery can change the appearance of your breasts which in turn may well reduce your insecurities about your appearance. Some women have said that it improves their confidence in general and their over all view of themselves and their entire appearance. It is important to remember that some womens breasts continue growing in to their early twenties so it is important not to rush in to any type of elective cosmetic procedure before this time.

While potentially pricey, it is hard to put a price on piece of mind and inner confidence.

Why you may want to Avoid Breast Surgery if you have Tubular Breasts

As with any major surgery it is important to consider the risk involved. No procedure is risk free and it is important that you make sure you have factored in the time it will take for you to heal, and for your body to fully recover from the procedure.

If you do decide to go ahead with a surgical procedure then make sure that you consult both your General Practitioner and also at least one specialist in this type of cosmetic surgery. This will minimise the risks and also provide you with the best likelihood that you are pleased with the results. If your tubular breasts are not affecting you psychologically then you may wish to avoid surgery. This is less common, particularly in younger women, as the aesthetics of female appearance is a common theme in today’s society. This is so much the case that sometimes there is no escaping society’s obsession with physical appearance. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it is hard to fight against this and not get caught up in it. However, if you are happy with your appearance and in yourself then it may be wise to avoid surgery. There is nothing physically harmful in having tubular breasts – it is not a condition that necessarily requires treatment. Therefore if you are comfortable with your body then you have managed something that many who do not have tubular breasts have not, and you should keep your body as it is. If you are happy then the risk is probably not worth it.

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