How long before I can go on holiday after breast enlargement?

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The length of time before you can go on holiday after breast enlargement surgery will depend entirely on what kind of holiday it is. This includes whether you are flying or not: it should be all right to fly short haul after just two weeks or so, at the advice of your surgeon or doctor, but it is recommended that you do not fly long haul for at least six weeks. The only problem that should occur with breast implants when you fly is the release of small air bubbles in the gel of the implant, due to the change in pressure, which you may be able to hear in the form of small gurgling sounds. However, this should pass after a day or two. What you plan to do on holiday may also be affected by your breast implants – for instance, a holiday that involves a lot of exercise is best avoided for at least six weeks following surgery. If you just plan on doing a lot of walking, on the other hand, this is fine at any stage, and is even encouraged as it can help circulation. Sunbathing or tanning should be okay so long as you are very careful to take proper precautions. Tanning should not affect the implants themselves – though the silicone may get warmer, meaning your breasts take longer to cool down than the rest of your body – but it is very important that you keep your incision scars out of sunlight, as the pigment change that occurs will be permanent. For about a year after your surgery, it is best to keep them right out of direct sunlight or tanning beds. A good quality plaster over them should be all right, but it is best to ask your surgeon or doctor for advice. Swimming or relaxing in a Jacuzzi on holiday are also best avoided for the first six weeks or so, as it is important not to soak your scars or get them wet – this could potentially cause an infection. It is best that you seek the advice of your surgeon or doctor if you plan on going on holiday, so make sure your plans do not clash with any aftercare appointments, which you may have to re-schedule. You should also bear in mind that you should keep your breasts supported with a support bra or sports bra for the first three months, which could affect your holiday wardrobe if you go somewhere warm.

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