Are there non-surgical ways of getting bigger breasts?

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There are a number of other ways of making your breasts look and feel bigger, but none will be as permanent as implants. Some procedures still in the early days of practice include macrolane injections and lipofilling. Macrolane is a non-surgical filler which is injected into the breasts, making them bigger; lipofilling is similar, but involves injecting fat into your breasts from a different part of your body. Neither of these procedures, however, are very widely available, as they are rather new, and as a result their long term effects are yet to be seen. Otherwise, your best option for non-surgical ways of getting larger breasts is the use of padded or push-up bras, bra fillers, and so on. Because breast enlargement surgery is such a big decision, and a permanent one which can later impact your life and your body, this is definitely an option worth looking into while you make up your mind.

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