Does breast enlargement surgery leave scars?

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There is very little scarring with breast enlargement. The initial incisions will be made either under the breast line, below the nipple, or below the armpit, and will each be about two or three inches long (about five to seven centimetres), depending on the size of your breasts and the implants. If all goes well, these incision lines will be the only scarring you experience. Luckily, it is done in a way which will be discreet and not necessarily easy to see, and will fade over time. The main part of the scarring will have faded after the first few weeks, as this is the main recovery period, but it will then be a few months before the heal completely. You can help speed this along with the use of things such as creams, cocoa butter lotion, oils, or massaging your breasts when you are able. Your surgeon or doctor will be able to advise you on this. Some patients are prone to worse scars or problems with scarring, such as keloid scarring, which can make healing more difficult or prolonged. Keloid scarring is when scars appear more raised or bumpy than is normal, and can be a little pink in colour. It tends to be more common in people with darker skin, particularly if you are Afro-Caribbean. Rest assured, any scarring should be easily covered up when you wear a bra or bikini top.

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