What happens in breast enlargement surgery?

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Breast enlargement is a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of silicone implants. Before the surgery itself, your surgeon will book a consultation with you a few weeks in advance of your surgery, in which you will discuss exactly what you want from the surgery, and make sure you are suitable for breast enlargement. Important decisions can then be made regarding how the procedure is performed, and what kind of implants will be used. If this goes well, an appointment for the surgery itself can be arranged, and the procedure will go ahead. You are placed under anaesthetic – usually a general anaesthetic – and the initial incision is made. These incisions could be below the armpit, nipple, or breast, or sometimes in the abdomen, depending on the exact nature of your surgery and the surgeon involved. A small pocket is created beneath the breast tissue for the implant to be inserted. This could either be on top of or beneath the chest muscle depending on the implant. If a saline implant is being used, the implant is filled with the appropriate amount of saline solution and sealed up. The incision can then be stitched up and the procedure repeated for the other breast. If all has gone well, dressings and a sports bra will be put on your chest, and you can then be taken to a post-operative room where you are gently woken and recovery can begin. Overall the procedure should take around an hour and a half. Sometimes dissolvable stitches are used, but if not you will have to go back and have them removed a week or so later.

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