Why do women get breast implants?

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There are a number of reasons why women choose to get breast implants or breast enlargement surgery, and this is completely different for each individual. Overall, most women who choose breast enlargement do so in order to feel more confident about themselves and their bodies. Implants are an option for women who have small breasts and feel they would be happier with larger ones, or for women who feel their breasts have sagged and would like implants to make them more firm, or feel they have changed shape such as with age or after having had children, or any woman who simply dislikes the shape of her breasts. Breast enlargement is also suitable to correct problems such as uneven breasts or tubular breasts, or any other problems which have caused the breasts to not develop properly, and implants are used to rebuild breasts, such as in women who have had a mastectomy. Transsexual and transgender women may also seek breast implants as part of gender transition surgery, in order to get a body they feel is right for them and that they are comfortable with. Whatever your reason for seeking breast enlargement, your surgeon will work with you to make sure the results are a body you feel comfortable and confident with.

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