After Treatment With the Rio Laser

There will be no dramatic changes immediately after treatment. Most customers who use the Rio laser treatment system do experience a little redness around the localised area of treatment, but in general this fades after around twenty four hours and does not hurt. If you experience any more adverse symptoms or if this redness persists for an extended period cease treatment immediately and consult your general practioner or a dermatologist.

Is There Any Aftercare Routine I Should Follow?

After your treatment you should treat your skin gently. Avoid extensive sunbathing and especially using sun beds. Do not swim in chlorinated water or use a hot tub for around two days after treatment. Try to avoid using harsh or abrasive skin treatments, or skin peels.

Rio Laser Hair Removal and Results

Although you will see results from the very first treatment, as the active hair follicles treated will cause their hairs to either fall out or transform into smaller and much finer hairs. This process happens gradually in the days after your initial treatment. However a series of treatments it required as these smaller hairs and also any hairs in a dormant stage of re-growth will not be effectively treated. Once these have begun their cycle of growth they will be suitable for treatment with the Rio laser system. This period of rest in the cycle of growth for the hair can be of some duration, which is why any follow up treatments should be spaced out to effectively treat every hair leaving you with smooth and hair free lasered legs.

When Will I Begin Seeing Results?

The treatment usually takes around six rounds before you begin to achieve good results. With each successive treatment you will begin to experience finer and fewer hairs, and results do depend on the type of hair you have and how extensive the cover of hair was on the area you are treating. Women who are treating for excessive hair growth due to an excess in male hormones or men may have to use the treatment for longer. The system works on both dark and fair hair, but is most effective on those with paler skin and hair and so hair free skin may be achieved by those with naturally fair colouring first.

Repeating Treatment With the Rio Laser

Most customers who use the Rio at home laser removal system wait from around three to four weeks after each treatment before treating their skin again with the laser system. However as long as the skin is not sore, red or inflamed by treatment or any other reaction you can use the system as soon as twenty four hours after treatment.

Can I Use Other Hair Removal Methods Between Treatments?

Some hair removal treatments are fine to use in the period between treating with your Rio at home hair removal laser system. If you wish to shave, use a depilatory cream or mircro-dermabrasion disks to remove excess hair this is absolutely fine and the laser even works more effectively on trimmed or shorter hair, so using treatments of this kind is perfectly acceptable. However any treatment which removes the hair totally from its follicle is not suitable, and will slow or seriously affect your laser hair removal treatment. Hair removal methods to avoid include epilators, waxing and tweezing. You also should avoid lightening or bleaching your hair as removing or changing the pigment on a treated area will make treatment with the Rio at home laser hair removal system much more difficult as it requires the pigment of the hair to be intact.

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