Using Tria Beauty to Remove Hair

Before Treatment with Tria

You ought to prepare your skin by performing a close shave on the area which you wish to treat, but leave the skin clean and avoid using any products such as powder or creams until after treatment.

During Treatment with Tria

When using the Tria laser system you may feel a little discomfort, a little like waxing but most users claim it is not as uncomfortable.

After Treatment with Tria

The discomfort will last only the duration of the treatment and will cease straight away afterwards, with no redness or irritation caused to the skin. You should begin to be able to see visible results after your third treatment and you should be hair free after around eight treatments. If you wish to expedite this process you can treat your skin around twice a month for the first three months to achieve hair free legs as quickly as possible.

Things to Avoid with Tria

The Tria laser cannot currently be safely used on the facial area, so using the system to treated unwanted beard or upper lip hair is out of the question. The company is currently working on this but as yet the laser system should only be used on the body and not the face. As with most laser systems you ought to avoid treating open wounds as well as diseased or damaged skin, and also moles or birth marks with the Tria laser.

Tria and Men

Although the Tria system cannot be used on the facial area, meaning the management of beards or moustaches is not possible, it has become more and more common for men to wish to treat excess hair in other areas of their body. The number of men booking appointments for chest and back waxing is ever increasing. With the Tria system a man can have smooth and soft skin in any area, except the face, without the need for painful and often embarrassing appointments. It also ensures longterm hair reduction, meaning that the irritation and embarrassment of hair re-growth on areas such as the chest and back will be a thing of the past.

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