Home Laser Hair Removal for Under Arm Hair

Laser or IPL hair removal is new way to treat excess hair, which aims to treat hair at the very root. The intense light causes damage to the follicle using a combination of heat and light energy which is channelled along the hair to stop the cell re-growing the hair. It is a powerful technique which causes long term smooth and hair free skin, but is generally safe to use on most of the body. However on certain areas of skin, the treatment should be used with caution on areas where the dermal layer is more sensitive to the effects of intense thermal and photo energy and light. Some of these areas are not suitable at all for treatment with all at home laser or IPL hair removal system. If you carefully examine the packaging and safety information before you purchase the system or begin treatment to guarantee that you select the right system for you and your skin.

Also remember that this type of treatment is irreversible and long term, so your skin will remain hair free on any treated area forever. Consider carefully if you want to make this area of skin hairless for the entire of your life before beginning treatment, and check for sure that both your hair and skin pigmentation are compatible with the at home hair removal system you have chosen.

Having hairless under arms can make life a lot easier, especially during the summer when the underarms are often exposed. You may also consider removing underarm hair for hygiene reasons. Being able to treat yourself in the comfort of your own home, can seem very tempting.

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