Rio Laser Home Hair Removal

The Rio laser at home system is a safe, comfortable and effective hair removal system which is used by thousands of customers world-wide, from the UK to Japan, from the USA to Australia.

How do Lasers Work?

Salons have been using laser treatments, which is utilising an intense beam of light consisting of one wavelength or colour of light, to affect the growth of hair down at the very root. The heat and light energy is channelled along the hair to is absorbed by the melanin, or pigment in the hair and skin. This damages the follicle and it should cease to reproduce the hair. Now Rio have developed a safe and easy to use system which you can buy and operate yourself in the relative comfort of your own home, so that you can achieve smooth and hair free skin without the hassle of appointments or repeat treatment. You will be able to wear what you like, when you like, without worrying about whether you have embarrassing re-growth or stubble and you can free yourself from seemingly endless hair removal and management.

Who Can’t Use the Rio Laser System?

The Rio system uses the melanin naturally produced in the body to target the hair follicle under the skin. However this means that those whose hair or skin have an excess or lack of melanin cannot use this type of hair removal system without damaging their skin quite severely. While the Rio system can treat relatively dark and fair skin those with extremely dark or pale skin as well as anyone who is naturally red or white haired should not attempt to treat excess hair using a laser system.

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