Suitability for Home Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Hair Types

Unfortunately due to the levels of melanin and the way that laser hair removal treatments work on the hair follicle, if you have red or very pale blond hair or white hair you are most likely unable to use laser hair removal.

Medical Conditions

There are certain people who should avoid using laser hair removal systems, for medical reasons. If you are pregnant or have diabetes you ought not to use laser hair removal systems.  If you have damaged or skin disease, such as eczema or acne you ought to avoid using laser treatment for the duration of the condition. You should also avoid use if: you have an open wound such as a cut or lesion; if you have burnt skin, including sunburn; if you have a skin infection. Most systems also recommend not to use this type of technology if you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding.

Medication or Serious Conditions

With some of the systems it is not safe to use IPL or laser systems if you are currently undergoing treatment for serious condition or if you have taken certain very strong medication for skin conditions, such as acne, in the past. Always read through all of the safety information very carefully before undergoing treatment to make sure that you are completely safe to use the system.

Localised Problems

If you a small, localised condition such as a birth mark, skin stain, wart or mole you can cover this area with a patch to protect it, but you should not treat this area directly with a laser hair removal system. Some scars are also not safe to treat with all laser hair removal systems, so it is worth reading the safety advice carefully before commencing treatment with your system.


Moles, beauty spots and birth marks and all of these types of marks are often caused by an excess of melanin or an area of concentrated melanin, which can be damaged by direct treatment by strong lights such as a laser hair removal system or IPL hair removal system.

Spots and Stubble Rash

Other localised problems, such as small spots which can be caused by in-growing hairs this is sometimes known as stubble rash, although it can occur on any area of the body, but is particularly found on sensitive or delicate skin) are easily treated with some systems for a permanent relief from the condition – although it is very important to check that the laser or IPL system you are investing in is suitable for the condition you wish to treat.

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