Benefits of the E-One Home Hair Removal

IPL Technology

The flexibility of the Intense Pulsed Light technology, which instead of a targeted wavelength of colour as in some laser technology, allows the E-One to be useful to a wider range of customers. The Intense Pulsed Light produces a burst of intense light which target thes melanin in the hair and using this and a combination of thermal energy or heat, this transfers through to the follicle itself. The follicle is then damaged causing the hair to fall out and hopefully causing it to stop from regenerating.  The hair therefore never grows again.

From the Salon to Your Home

The IPL technology has the ability to affect many types of pigment of hair and colour, which gives it an advantage over laser systems which use only one wavelength. This type of technology has been used by professionals in offices and salons for some time, but E-Swin has specially developed it for safe, easy and convenient home usage. This allows you to combine the flexibility and permanence of IPL technology with the comfort of treating unwanted hair in your own home.

Heat and Light Management

The E-One uses a variety of methods to ensure that the system utilises the majority of the capacitor reserve throughout the device and maintains a consistent and uniform level of light – this ensures the device stays safe you and your skin. Unlike the large and bulky professional IPL treatment devices, E-Swin has developed a way to reduce the need for a coolant facility on the device so that it is small and convenient. In short, E-Swin has combined clever heat and light management to ensure a small convenient device with high levels of safety and protection for the user – creating a system which is perfectly designed for home use.

Cost Effective

As the device will eventually only be needed to be used once or twice a year and cuts out entirely the need for purchasing razors or paying for expensive waxing appointments the laser hair removal cost benefits to the user are clear. It is also designed to use much less energy that a professional unit, and utilise all of the energy it uses to produce the depilation effect and to waste as little as possible.

Pain Free Depilation

The manufacturers claim that the process of hair removal with the E-One is almost pain free, and that the IPL technology is superior to other methods of hair removal in this regard. The company also takes great care and pride in maintaining very high safety and medical regulations and adhering to EU regulations in this respect, making it a very safe device to use according to the latest guidelines and medical opinions.

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