Results With Boots Smooth Skin System

The Boots Smooth Skin can provide effective longterm hair removal and long lasting smooth skin, combined with the flexibility and ease of a home treatment. It takes a relatively short time to treat each area, with laser hair removal on the legs taking around an hour and the bikini and underarms taking about ten minutes each. Used properly you can achieve permanently smooth and hair free skin from between six to twelve treatments with the Boots Smooth Skin system. This treatment time does depend on the individual, however and results may happen more quickly or take longer depending on factors such as: properly following the instructions; regular use; hair thickness; size of area being treated; the amount of hair growth in this area. Your hair will not fall out immediately; instead the hairs will fall out gradually over a period of about a week. The hair that grows back after the first few treatments will be much lighter, finer and more thinly spread over the body. After repeating the treatment for the above stated six to twelve times you ought to achieve permanently hair free skin.

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