Using the E-One Step-by-Step to Remove Hair at Home


First clean your skin and leave product free, saving the use of any powders or creams until after treatment has been completed. Using the special white pencil provided with the product trace around the area you wish to treat and remove the hair from this area. If you have removed the hair by shaving with a conventional razor you can then commence treatment immediately, but if you are using a depilation cream or waxing you ought to wait between one and three weeks before treatment. If you have been using another IPL or laser treatment you ought to wait until the hair has reached a mature growth before beginning to treat your skin with the E-One. You should then apply the Optical Gel, also provided with the product. This is to enhance and magnify the power of the handset in order to achieve perfectly hair free skin. It is recommended to use the E-One 3 weeks after your last treatment. Finally you ought to put on your safety glasses to protect your eyes from the IPL technology throughout the treatment.

During Treatment With the E-One

Carefully press the head of the applicator device against your skin’s surface with slight pressure. Once you have placed the applicator in the desired area press the button on the side of the applicator head. The device will then emit a high intensity flash of light, which should effectively depilate an area of around six centimetres square. Proceed with this technique until you have treated all the desired area.

After Treatment With the E-One

Immediately after treatment you may notice very little difference, and hair can continue to be present on the skin and even to grow a little for between one to four days after treatment. A week after your treatment with the E-One your hair on the treated area will begin to fall out, and this will most likely continue for a period of some days and may even last for up to a week. This is nothing to be alarmed about, and is part of the designed depilation process of the device.  After three weeks all the hairs should have fallen out by themselves across the treated area. Some hair may grow back after approximately forty to sixty days after treating your skin with the E-One. The hair should be finer, thinner and grow more slowly after each time you treat your skin with the E-One and after ten to a dozen treatments you should see almost entirely hair-free skin. You should leave around two to three months between each treatment. After this period of around a dozen treatments you should only need to use your E-One once or twice a year to maintain smooth and hairless skin on the desired area.

Who Can’t Use the E-One

E-Swin recommends that some people should not use their product for medical reasons, including those with: diabetes; open wounds or lesions; burnt or sunburnt skin; pregnant women; skin diseases (such as eczema or acne).

If you have red or white hair or very dark or black skin then the E-One is not suitable for you to use to treat unwanted hair.  This is due to the device combining the power of photo and thermal energy and channelling this energy through the hair to reach and affect the follicle. This causes the hair to be unable to reproduce and leaves you with smooth skin. However, if you have an excess of melanin, such as those with red hair, or if you have very dark pigmentation of the hair this process can cause damage to your health by creating too much heat. It is therefore important to ensure you are safe to use this type of device and not to run any unnecessary risks at the detriment of your skin and hair’s health.

The device is designed for personal use at home by individuals and is not intended for professional or salon use.

Precautions to Take

If you have a localised skin defect, such as a mole or birth mark, you can still treat the skin but you will need to cover this with a patch in order not to irritate it. This also applies to any tattoos you may have. You should not attempt to use the E-One to remove hair from the scalp or the eyebrows, or indeed any of the area immediately surrounding the Safety Glasses.

Safety Considerations

You must always wear the protective goggles, and if anyone is helping you to use the device or in the near vicinity they also ought to be wearing a pair, which can be purchased from the E-Swin website in conjunction or after you have purchased your E-One. You should always use the Optical Gel provided by E-Swin, and you should purchase more if you find you require it. This ensures that the device works at maximum efficiency without causing damage to your skin. You should always keep the E-One out of the reach of children.

Accessories for the E-One

There are a number of accessories which can be purchased to compliment or supliment you E-One device, and these include: An optical spray; Extra pencil and sharpener; Stencils; Additional safety glasses; Extra optical gel; Optic cartridge; Guide plate; Patches to cover any skin abnormalities such as moles or birthmarks.

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