Long Term Use of Home Laser Hair Treatment

Using a technology which is associated with the word ‘laser’ can be a little intimidating and while it is important to do your own research to make sure that you are completely satisfied that the process is safe, as well as ensuring your skin and hair type are suitable to use with the technology we have explained some of the commonly held concerns about the systems for you. It is important to remember that any product released in the UK undergoes stringent safety checks and have to conform to health regulations laid down to protect the consumer by the EU. This is especially the case when these products are the type you will be operating yourself in your own home.

Risk of Cancer

The use of laser or IPL systems has been common and popular in salons for some time. The technology works by cauterizing or closing the hair follicle, by directing light or photo energy combined with heat or thermal energy along the hair deep into the root of the hair. This is known within the industry as "photo-coagulation". Before manufacturers developed systems to do this using lasers and IPL technology a very similar process used called "electro-coagulation", which worked in much the similar fashion with the exception of using electricity to achieve the same effects on the hair follicles. This technology was used for around one hundred years with no found link to skin cancer or any other part of the body. Although the process is slightly different, the laser or IPL technology has been shown by manufacturers to be less harmful and better suited to closing the follicles. It therefore follows to assume that the process carries no greater risks than its precedents.

Risks to the Eyes

Both laser and IPL treatments work by utilising the power of intense light and any technology that brings this type of intense light into possible contact with the eyes, there is a slight risk. As long as the safety instructions are always followed there should not be any problem caused to the eyes. However if you experience any problems after use or are concerned about your eyes you should consult  your general practioner, local healthcare professional or even your optician to ensure that you are safe to use the system you have selected.

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