Tria Beauty Home Hair Removal

TRIA developed the LightSheer, the first laser device designed for in-office hair removal. Now they have developed this same technology for safe and easy use at home, so that you can achieve hair free skin in the comfort of your own house, without the irritation and ongoing costs of shaving or waxing. The manufacturers of the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System are confident that the system can disable the growth of hair at the follicle leaving your skin hairless and smooth for long periods of time. Tria promises a system which is cheap, efficient and easy to use.

How Long Will Results Take?

Tria estimates that for most users you will experience smooth and hair free skin after around half a dozen treatments. TRIA Beauty brings home the very best in light-based skincare technology.

How Does Tria Beauty Work?

The Tria laser hair removal system uses the intense bursts of light produced by the handset to target the dark pigmentation in the hair. The hair itself then begins to be part of the Tria system, as it heats up due to the target intense light. The hair then falls out and the follicle at the base of the hair is hopefully deeply enough effected that the hair will not grow back.

How Long Will it Take to Achieve Hair-Free Skin?

Hair follicles actually grow in regular cycles, and do not produce hairs simultaneously. Treatment may take around two or three sessions as hair grows in cycles at a rate of a couple of weeks per follicle. For most users this means that in the time it takes to perform six to eight treatments you should have permanently addressed the unwanted hair on your skin. The average length of time for this process is a matter of months, although this can vary depending on the individual.

How Long Will the Results Last with Tria Beauty?

Some laser systems do not claim permanent results, but the manufactures of Tria claim that within as short a period of six to eight treatments you will never have hair on the treated area again – and this will be permanently effective. There is a small possibility that the hair follicle will repair itself and begin to regenerate hair, but treatment with the at-home laser should correct this. Tria claim you will never have to wax or shave again! However, care must be taken when considering how realistic this claim is. Home laser hair removal more realistically, leads to a permanent reduction in hair.

Smooth Skin

The Tria system claims to improve the general condition of your skin after treatment, leaving it smoother than ever before. As the use of razors will no longer be necessary stubble rash, cuts and grazes as well as the shadow of impending hair growth and bristly fresh stubble will all be eliminated. Your skin will remain soft and hair free for long periods of times, including years.


As the treatment is longterm and effective, Tria promise that the days of timing your hair removal around special occasions; awkward waxing appointments; embarrassing stubble; designing outfits to cover hairy skin are all over. Instead you can wear what you like, whenever you like, confident in the knowledge that your skin won’t let you down.  You will also be able to relax on holiday, without worrying about remembering razors or increasing stubble. If you in a rush in the morning you will no longer have to be afraid that your hair growth will give you away. This convenience may take as few as six to eight treatments to achieve long term hair reduction.


The Tria laser is very user friendly: simply turn on the machine and apply the handset to the skin which you desire to be hair free. Your skin should not experience any redness or side-effects afterwards, but the hair should fall out leaving your skin soft and smooth. There are no complicated instructions, no creams or pastes to apply to your skin before hand and you now no longer have to visit an office or clinic to have this performed. The power to free your legs from hair is now within your own home.

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