Hair Re-Growth After Home Laser Hair Removal

Although for the most users the recommended amount of treatments with your at home IPL or laser system are enough to get rid of the hair permanently/longterm in the treated area, there are occasionally those who find hairs after treatment. This growth is known in the industry as "Paradoxical" re-growth and can be caused by a few circumstances. This includes women who are treating themselves for excess hair due to an excess of male hormones and there are also a users who have reported finding re-growth of hair for no explanation they can think of.


Sometimes this re-growth is due to: the follicles regenerating themselves, despite being cauterised; to the user not treating every area of skin thoroughly enough each time they used their system; sometimes hair producing cells which have not been producing hair become active. This last reason is the most common cause, and is a very natural part of the growth cycle for skin and hair on the body. Your skin keeps producing new active hair follicles into your later life, for both men and women. Because these cells were not active they will have never in fact been treated by the laser or IPL, as they are entirely new. Another course of treatment with your system should solve the extra growth.

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