Cost of Home Laser Hair Removal Treatments

There is a definite cost benefit to switching to an at home laser removal treatment system. As the device will eventually only be needed to be used once or twice a year and cuts out entirely the need for purchasing razors or paying for expensive waxing appointments the cost benefits to the user are clear. It is also designed to use much less energy that a professional unit, and utilise all of the energy it uses to produce the depilation effect and to waste as little as possible.

Running Costs

The only costs of laser hair removal you will likely incur are the cost of running or recharging the machine. The producers estimate a cost of up to £10 for a large area and as little as 10p for a small section such as the upper lip. This compares very favourably to expensive laser refill packs or expensive waxing treatments.

Replacing Aspects of the System

Depending on whether you are treating a very large area, you may find that the applicator where the flash bulb or laser component is located may expire or you may run out of the enhancement gel, if your system requires it. You may have to purchase a replacement bulb or if the system requires it, a replacement amount of enhancement gel. And this can often be done from the company’s website.

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