Home Laser Hair Removal for the Face

Laser hair removal is a cutting edge way to tackle excess hair, and is safe to use on most of the body. It is a powerful technique which aims to treat hair at the very root, causing damage to the follicle using a combination of thermal and photo energy channelled along the hair to cause the cell to stop reproducing the hair. However on certain areas of skin, where the dermal layer is more sensitive to the effects of heat and light it is not suitable for treatment with all at home laser treatment systems. You should check the home laser packaging and product information carefully to ensure that you have selected the correct system for you.

You should also bear in mind that treatment of this type is long term and cannot be reversed – you will be hairless, possibley forever. It is therefore important to consider if you wish this area to be hair free for the rest of your life before undertaking treatment, as well as ensuring that your skin and hair pigmentation are compatible with the system you are using. The face is very sensitive and you must ensure that you wear the right goggles and follow the instructions correctly, when you are removing hair from your face at home.

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Home Laser Hair Removal