Boots Smooth Skin Hair Removal

What is Boots Smooth Skin?

The Boots Smooth Skin is an at home system designed to remove hair using intense Pulsed Light or IPL technology to cauterize the hair follicles using a combination of photo and thermal energy which is directed along the hair deep into the follicle. This causes to the hair to fall out and after several treatments it ought to prevent it from ever growing back, thereby reducing any unwanted face and body hair. It is available both online and from large Boots stores. IPL has become very popular in salons, and is a much newer technology than laser hair removal. Because of the type of light that it uses, which it employs in a series of intense bursts, it is much more flexible and works on a much wider range of pigments and colours of hair and skin.  Laser technology is limited to particular wavelengths of colour, while IPL can be effective across a much broader spectrum. IPL is also designed to be more energy efficient than laser technology, thereby saving you money but still providing you with salon smooth and hair free skin.

What Does Treatment With Boots Smooth Skin Feel Like?

As the device uses a combination of photo thermal energy there may be a feeling of warmth and a slight tingling sensation, around the area which you are treating. However you should not experience any pain. Nevertheless everyone is different, and the tingling sensation may be stronger with some people, and also it might be felt more when you are using it on sensitive areas of skin such as the bikini area or underarm areas. After the feeling of heat and tingling has subsided after you have finished treatment there may be some localised redness on the treated skin, and you will be a little more sensitive to sunlight for a few days afterwards. As long as you are gentle with your skin and follow all the safety advice you should not experience any adverse side-effects. If the redness is a little tender you could try applying a cold compress to see if this relieves the symptoms, however if this tenderness persists for more than twenty four hours you ought to consult your doctor. In addition if you do experience any pain or unexpected effects you ought to cease treatment immediately and seek the advice of your general practioner or a dermatologist.

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