Benefits of the Boots Smooth Skin System

Boots promise that their system combines ease of use, as it comes with a comprehensive set of instructions, with the convenience of a home treatment and excellent results. The system provides longterm hair removal, meaning no more embarrassing stubble or irritating re-growth and you can select your outfit without worrying whether you have recently shaved or not. You will no longer have to pack a razor on holiday or avoid swimming. As well as this the company promise they have done extensive clinical testing to ensure that the product is safe and comfortable to use. Unlike with some other IPL treatments there is no need to wear eye protection as the flash is similar to that of a professional camera and is not dangerous to the eyes of the user or other adults in the room. You can also use the Boots Smooth Skin system to treat your facial area as well as your bikini line, under arms, legs, back and chest. The only areas you cannot treat are the very sensitive areas of skin such as the areole, nipples and genitals.

Is Boots Smooth Skin for me?

As with most products of this type there are certain individuals for whom the Boots Smooth Skin will not suit. This is because the product utilises the power of light to conduct heat to the root of the hairs and affect the follicle itself. For this to work your hair and skin must be compatible with the type of light being used by the handset. Fortunately Boots have made it very simple for you to work out if you will find success with their Smooth Skin system: they have developed an online tool to test whether your hair colour and complexion will be compatible with their system. Simply log on to the World Wide Web and got to the Boots website. Once there search for Boots Smooth Skin and a tab will appear at the side which will take you to the tool. Answer the questions honestly about what your natural hair and skin colour are, so that you can determine whether this product for you.

Your Ethnic Background

There are certain groups for whom this product is not suitable. One of these groups is anyone with a parent or grandparent who is very dark skinned, for example if they are Bangladeshi, Black African, Black Caribbean or of Pakistani descent. Even if you yourself may appear to have quite fair skin it is important not to use IPL or laser treatments. This is because dark skin absorbs a great deal of both light and heat, and during a treatment with a device of this nature which is designed to magnify this affect, it could cause severe damage to the skin both in the short and long term.

Your Skin and Hair Tone

There are some who are not advised to ever use the Boots Smooth Skin system to treat unwanted or excess body hair. These include: anyone whose skin is a darker shade than that of the ‘dark skin’ setting on the product; those who have had their skin tanned, with either a sun bed, fake tan or naturally in the last thirty days; children under 16; pregnant or breast feeding women; those who are exceptionally tired or stressed.

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