Home Laser Hair Removal & Skin Type

There are a variety of factors which can affect the success of the laser system you select and one of the major ones can be your skin type. The laser uses different levels of light to target the hair follicles and sometimes the colour of your skin can affect how this works.

Very Pale and Very Dark Skin

Those with very light or very dark skin tones may have to research the laser you are buying carefully to find your ideal system.  This is because both laser and IPL treatments utlise the melanin in your skin and if you have an excess or lack of this chemical the treatment could seriously and negatively affect the health of your skin.

Where to Find Out More

If you visit the Boots website on laser hair removal there is an online tool which can help you research which system will work best with your particular skin pigmentation. Researching the individual laser systems can also reveal which levels of light radiation will suit your personal skin tone best.

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