Long Term Use of E-One

Risk of Cancer

The E-One works by cauterizing or closing the hair follicle, using light or photo energy, something known in the industry as "photo-coagulation". Before this process a similar one was used It is what is called "electro-coagulation", which used electricity to effect the same change to the hair follicles. This technology has been used for around one hundred years with no known links to cancer of the skin or any other part of the body. E-Swin, the manufacturers of the E-One claim that although the process is slightly different, the IPL technology is actually less harmful and better suited to closing the follicles, so it follows to assume that the process carries no further risks than its precedents.

Unlike UV or UB light which has been proven to have negative effects on the skin, the Intense Pulsed Light Technology does not use this wavelength of light either.

Risks to the Eyes

As with any technology that brings intense light into possible contact with the eyes, there is a slight risk. As long as the instructions are always followed and you never use the device without wearing the Safety Glasses and never apply the headset to the area immediately surrounding the area around the Safety Glasses there should not be any problem caused to the eyes. However if you experience any problems after use or are concerned about your eyes (for example if you have very photosensitive eyes) visit your general practioner, local healthcare professional or even your optician to ensure that you are quite safe.

Is it Safe to us on All of the Body?

With the exception of the scalp and the eyebrows, you can use the E-One on the entire body and treat beards; back; chest; legs and even the bikini area without experiencing any side-effects.

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