What kind of bra should I wear after breast enlargement?

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You will need a very supportive bra without any underwiring after getting breast implants – a sports bra is perfect. Whilst they are healing, your breasts will need the best support they can get, so you are advised to wear the sports bra twenty four hours a day for around six weeks after surgery, including while you are sleeping. During the first few days, before you have any dressings and drainage tubes removed, the bra can be worn on top of the dressings or gauze. At the end of the breast enlargement procedure, the surgical team may put the support bra on you straight away, so that you get immediate support. The ideal support bra or sports bra will have no underwiring, will cover your entire breast, have thick straps, and can be easily fastened from the front or back. The exact brand or style of bra you choose is completely down to your own preference, depending what you find most comfortable.

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