Can I exercise after getting breast enlargement?

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After breast enlargement surgery, you are recommended to avoid doing exercise for around four to six weeks, particularly anything which would put strain on your chest such as weightlifting. Walking, on the other hand, is absolutely fine and is often even encouraged, as it gives you some exercise and can help with circulation. Since you should be mobile right from day one after the surgery, walking should not be a problem. If you are keen to get back into a routine of exercise, it is worth speaking to your surgeon, doctor, or nurse, as they may be able to recommended some lighter exercises you can do. These should be okay to do after three weeks or so, or at the advice of your doctor. After six weeks it should be fine to start getting back into your old exercise regime, so long as your surgeon agrees it should be okay at your aftercare appointments. Bear in mind that everyone heals at a different rate, so exactly how long it is until you can exercise properly again will vary depending on your own personal recovery rate. Whilst your incisions are healing, it is very important that you do not sweat into the wounds, so strenuous exercise is definitely best avoided.
When you exercise, it is especially important to keep your breasts supported with your support bra or sports bra – this will help alleviate any discomfort, too.

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