Can I get breast implants if I have diabetes?

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Whether you can have breast enlargement surgery as a diabetic will depend on what kind of diabetes you have, what medication you are on, and how controlled your blood sugar is. As a diabetic you are more at risk of some complications such as infection, problems with wound healing, and complications from the anaesthesia – so be sure to discuss this with your surgeon beforehand so that it will be considered and put under control. Most doctors say that so long as your diabetes and blood sugar are well under control, cosmetic surgery such as breast enlargement should be fine. You will be carefully checked beforehand to make sure you are mostly in good health and have no infections or heart problems, and special measures may be taken, such as stronger antibiotics or the use of twilight surgery. Twilight surgery involves a local anaesthetic teamed with sedatives, rather than a general anaesthetic as is usually used in breast enlargement surgery – therefore twilight surgery greatly reduces any risks associated with general anaesthetic. If your diabetes comes with any complications such as heart disease or kidney disease, it may be best to avoid cosmetic surgery as the risk of complication can be too high. If you are otherwise healthy, just make sure your blood sugars are controlled and kept within the normal range, which will significantly reduce any risk of complication.

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