Can I get breast implants if I have cystic fibrosis?

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If you have cystic fibrosis and are considering breast enlargement, you may have to do some research into different cosmetic surgery clinics as not all of them will offer breast implants or cosmetic surgery to cystic fibrosis sufferers – the risks of complication are unfortunately very often considered too high. The main risks involved with cystic fibrosis are anaesthesia related risks, higher infection rate, strain from the weight added to your chest, and the risk of your body rejecting the implants. Some surgeons, however, will be happy to offer breast enlargement surgery provided you are healthy for the most part – for instance, they can look at pulmonary function test results. If your surgeon believes you are healthy enough for the procedure, certain measures can be taken to reduce risks, such as stronger antibiotics or the use of twilight surgery. Twilight surgery involves a local anaesthetic teamed with sedatives, instead of a general anaesthetic which is usually used in breast enlargement surgery, therefore greatly reducing the risks which could be associated with a general anaesthetic. It is important to think long and hard before getting cosmetic surgery to be sure you have made the right decision, but for cystic fibrosis sufferers it is significantly more so, as the long term effects could be risky. For instance, if at any point in the future you have to have a lung transplant, the implants may have to be removed. It is always recommended that you get the all clear from your GP or doctor familiar with your condition before going for surgery.

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