Can breast implants look natural?

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Exactly how ‘natural’ breast implants look will depend on the size of the implants, their shape, the skillfulness of your surgeon, your body shape, and your own idea of how natural you think they look, along with a number of other factors. If a natural look is a concern, be sure to bring it up with your surgeon at your consultation. If you are only increasing your breast size by a cup size or two, this is likely to look more natural than if you go up by three or four cup sizes, but bear in mind that your body shape will affect this. The kind of implant used can also affect how natural your breasts look after breast enlargement – teardrop or anatomical implants more closely resemble the look of natural breasts and can therefore look more natural, though not everyone is suitable for them, and they are usually more expensive. Surgically enhanced breasts can look just as natural with round implants. Silicone gel implants are more likely to seem natural than saline implants, as they are less likely to age or wrinkle, and some can come with a textured surface which makes them appear more natural for a longer period when put in place. Generally, a skilled surgeon will be able to make your breasts look as natural as possible with implants, or at the very least advise you on what kind of implants will look most natural with your own body shape and for what you want to achieve with the surgery.

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