Are breast implants permanent, or will I need replacements?

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How permanent your breast implants are will depend on the manufacturer and the quality of the implants. However, most clinics that offer breast implants today use the absolute highest quality implants of the most up to date technology, but they rarely come with a lifetime guarantee. Most implants, however, come with a guarantee of around ten to fifteen years, after which it is not unusual to need a replacement. When seeking breast implants, it is best to look into it with the knowledge that it is highly likely that you will need to have them removed or replaced later in life – whether it is because the implants have reached the end of their life span, or due to health problems you encounter. Looking after your breasts after breast enlargement should reduce the likelihood of any problems. The current breast implant technology has been around for approximately thirty years, and a large number of women have had these implants for thirty years now and report no problem. In some cases, a revision is needed, especially if there have been complications, but so long as breast implants are looked after this may not be necessary. The likelihood of complications which may lead to revisions, including the implants rupturing, tends to be significantly lower with silicone gel implants as opposed to saline implants.

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