Can I get breast implants during pregnancy?

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No, most surgeons will not perform breast enlargement if you are pregnant. During pregnancy a great deal of strain is placed upon your body and the health of you and your child are paramount, and it would not be a good idea to have cosmetic surgery. As well as this, your breasts are constantly changing during pregnancy anyway, which would affect the implants. If you already have breast implants before becoming pregnant, this should not affect the pregnancy, however, so long as you have waited an adequate amount of time for your breasts to heal beforehand. If you are currently pregnant and considering breast implants, it will not be possible whilst you are still pregnant – most doctors recommend waiting until three months after you have finished breast feeding. Some forward planning may be required if you are looking into breast implants and want to have children in the near future – it is recommended that you wait at least twelve months after getting breast implants before having children, or at least until your breasts have completely healed from the procedure. It is also important to bear in mind that your breasts will most likely look and feel different before and after pregnancy. It is perfectly fine to book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon whilst you are still pregnant, in preparation for when you are ready to have the procedure. This can be a good idea, as you will be able to ask your surgeon’s advice on how the pregnancy and the procedure may affect each other for you personally.

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