Should I have breast implants before or after having children?

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It is entirely up to you when you choose to have breast implants, as many patients have had breast enlargement both before and after having children with no problems at all – however, if you plan on having children in the near future, it may be best to plan around this. If you have breast implants before having children, it is recommended that you wait at least twelve months before having children, as this gives your breasts time to completely heal from the procedure. On the other hand, if you wait until after giving birth to have breast enlargement, it is best to wait three months after you have finished breast feeding. It is not possible to get breast implants whilst you are pregnant because of the strain already placed on your body and because your breasts will be constantly changing throughout the pregnancy anyway, and some doctors recommend waiting to get breast enlargement until after having children for this reason. Breast implants should not affect your ability to breast feed, but if you choose to wait until you have finished breast feeding before going ahead with the surgery, this gives your breasts time to get back to normal before the procedure, decreasing the risk of complications. Bear in mind that your breasts will most likely look and feel different before and after pregnancy. If you are unsure when to go ahead with breast enlargement, it is best to book a consultation to talk to a cosmetic surgeon. Should you fall pregnant soon after surgery, before you are fully healed, although this is not ideal it can easily be dealt with, with no problems, so long as you keep your breasts supported with a good bra such as a sports bra. By the time you give birth your breasts should be fully healed, apart from a little scarring which will soon fade.

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