Can transsexual or transgender people get breast implants?

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Breast enlargement (and breast reduction) is available to anyone who is transsexual, transgender, or otherwise non-binary and hoping to achieve a body they are comfortable with. In many cases it is an important part of the gender reassignment process, particularly for male to female transgender people. If breast implants are something you are considering as part of gender reassignment, it is best to discuss it first with your gender specialist doctor who is overseeing your process, to be sure you are both physically and emotionally healthy enough for the procedure and do not have unrealistic expectations for the outcome. Many cosmetic surgeons ask that you have been under the care of a gender specialist for a minimum of two years, and would ask for confirmation that he or she supports your decision to have implants. There are a number of surgeons and clinics across the country who even specialise in transsexual and transgender surgeries, including breast augmentation, and it is not an uncommon situation. Some measures may need to be taken to ensure the best outcome of the procedure, such as making sure any medications prescribed will not interfere with hormone treatments, or the use of teardrop (or anatomical) implants to achieve a more natural look. Overall, so long as you are in good physical and psychological health, there should be no reason why you cannot go ahead with surgery.

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