Can I get breast implants if I have lupus?

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Lupus sufferers are unfortunately at a very high risk for complications following cosmetic surgery, including breast enlargement, and not all clinics are willing to offer it. Nevertheless, some surgeons and clinics are happy to offer it provided that you are not prone to symptoms or problems which could significantly increase the risk of complications. The main risks in breast enlargement associated with lupus sufferers are a much higher risk of infection, the chance that your body may reject the implants, and problems with wound healing, particularly if your lupus causes vasculitis in your skin. Surgery is only really possible when your lupus is in remission and you are not having a flare up at the time; it is also not suitable if you are using certain medications or have used them in the last eighteen months. It is important that you visit your GP or usual lupus doctor to get the all clear before going ahead with surgery. If you are otherwise in good health and not having a lupus flare up it should not be a problem – measures can be taken to reduce the risk of complications, such as different antibiotics or steroids being prescribed. It is also important to bear in mind that having surgery can cause a lupus flare.

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