Can implants correct tubular breasts?

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If you are looking to surgically correct tubular breasts, implants are definitely an available option – it is a common problem, so surgeons are usually very experienced with correcting tubular breasts. It will, however, mean your surgeon will take a slightly different approach to surgery. Breast implants are a common way of improving the shape of tubular breasts, but may also be used to increase their size as well. If the reason you are seeking breast implants is to correct tubular breasts, there are other corrective surgeries which can also be done, possibly in the same session, such as a periaerelor uplift to help improve the shape. A breast augmentation to correct tubular breasts should not cost any more than a regular breast enlargement procedure, but may involve a slightly longer procedure and longer recovery time of around two weeks more than usual. Unfortunately it can also be more painful than a regular breast augmentation. Exactly how different the procedure is will depend entirely on the severity of how tubular your breasts are – breasts that are only mildly tubular can be fine with just a simple breast augmentation, but more tubular breasts can require additional procedures such as uplifts. It is best to raise this with your surgeon, who will be able to advise you on what is best and act accordingly.

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