How long does it take to recover from breast enlargement surgery?

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Recovery from breast enlargement surgery will take several weeks overall, but this is in a number of stages. Straight after surgery it is best to take a week off work in order to rest; during this time your chest will have gauze or dressings, and probably drainage tubes from the incisions. After a few days these will be removed at an aftercare appointment. For several weeks after this, you will need to wear a supportive bra with no underwiring, such as a sports bra, and should avoid exercise for a month. During this time, the swelling should go down and bruising should heal. After a number of weeks, you should be healed, but bear in mind that it will take a few more months for all scarring to disappear or reduce. Everyone heals at a slightly different rate and in different ways, so your surgeon or doctor may advise slightly differently, based on aftercare appointments which should be booked throughout the recovery period. A number of things can help speed recovery along, such as plenty of rest, avoiding exercise or lifting heavy items, icepacks to reduce swelling, or cocoa butter creams and oils to help heal scars.

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