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Dangers of Breast Implants for Asymmetric Breasts

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As with any surgery there are potential risks and dangers to consider. To minimise the risk involved you should consult with your General Practitioner and at least a couple of reputable experienced surgeons who specialise in breast surgery with asymmetric breasts.

As with any surgery there is always a chance of infection after the operation; but as long as the medical experts pre and post operation instructions are followed carefully this should not become an issue and should be easily treatable. After the surgery you will need to be careful to note any unusual pain or changes to the breasts that are not expected and report anything out of the ordinary to your doctor as soon as possible. This is also important because it is possible that your implants can rupture or deflate. This only occurs in a small percentage of cases but it is important that you are aware this is a possibility. At any point after your operation you are concerned that there is a problem with the implant or implants you must contact your doctor immediately.

You should be aware that your body needs time to heal after surgery. Trying to do too much too soon after your surgical procedure could cause complications. Make sure you allow your body the time it needs to recuperate.

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