Closed Capsulotomy

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There are a few ways in which problematic capsular contraction can be rectified, and depending on your condition one may be more desirable than another.  If you are concerned about your capsular contraction then it is best to ask the advise of the surgeon who performed your breast augmentation, as they will be able to best diagnose the extent of the problem and treat it effectively.  If your capsular contraction is not too bad then it might be possible to perform a closed capsulotomy on your breast, to manually tear the capsule surrounding your breast implant and release the pressure instantly.  This is seen now as a rather dated way to resolve capsular contraction, however some surgeons might still offer it. 

The method

You will not need to be placed under an anaesthetic for this treatment, and basically your surgeon will squeeze and manipulate your breast in the hope of causing the scar tissue to tear, thus releasing pressure on the implant.  The pressure placed on your breast is likely to be severe, and can cause a lot of pain to you during the procedure. 

Closed Capsulotomy Risks

There are many risks associated with a closed capsulotomy, the main problem being the pain that it is likely to cause you should you have it performed.  As well as this the procedure could cause:

  • Damage to nerves and the structure of your breast.  This area of your body is delicate and ought to be handled carefully
  • Rupturing of the breast implant as it is man handled, if this occurs then the warranty on your implants will be void
  • Loss of used or sensitivity of the breast area
  • Reformation of the scar tissue within a short space of time following the procedure.
  • Bruising of the area affected

For these reasons it is now rarely performed, and is looked down on as a primitive form of capsular contraction correction.  It is unlikely that your surgeon will offer you a closed capsulotomy now, with other methods better geared to offer a safer, long-term solution.  If you undergo a closed capsulotomy then it is likely that your implants warranty will be void as most implant manufacturers recommend against having the procedure.

The Results

Although a non-surgical option might seem the best to initially deal with capsular contraction, rarely does the problem simply go away following a closed capsulotomy.  It is likely that the capsular contraction will return following this procedure, and it doesn’t lend itself to being a long-term solution.  Although the pressure can initially be taken off the implant, giving you short-term gratification, the pain that you are likely to experience when undergoing this procedure is great, and it doesn’t always work in the first place. 

There are now better ways to address the problem of capsular contraction, which have longer lasting effects and are less painful than a closed capsulotomy. 

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