Cost of Open Capsulectomy

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Having an open capsulectomy will vary in price depending on where you have your surgery performed, and which surgeon performs the procedure.  Every surgeon will be different, and charge accordingly.  The best way to get an idea of how much an open capsulectomy will cost is by having a consultation with your surgeon.  They will then be able to examine you, advise you on any risks involved and be able to give you a quote for the surgery.  Normally you would expect to pay between £2600 and £3000, although this is unlikely to include any unexpected additional aftercare that might have to be performed.

The NHS rarely offers to complete surgery of this nature, as it is seen as a cosmetic correction rather than necessary.  However, if you are really struggling and are experiencing a lot of pain then they might take you on. If you are struggling to find money for your open capsulectomy then there are companies who offer loans so that people can pay for their treatments.  These companies usually offer a high interest rate, so it is likely that you will have to pay quite a lot more back to them than you initially borrowed.  Some cosmetic surgery clinics also offer these forms of loans, and it might be worth asking your preferred clinic for any finance information that they have. Before having your surgery you ought to also take into consideration the amount of money that you might lose by taking a few days off work.  Following your capsulectomy procedure it is important that you take at least 2 days off work to allow your body the best chance to recover. 

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