At what age can I get breast implants?

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In the UK, most surgeons say you must be over eighteen years old to have breast enlargement surgery. At this age, you have mostly fully grown, and your breasts should be fully developed, so the insertion of implants should not interfere with your breasts’ growth. It should be considered, however, that breast development can continue in your late teens and early twenties, so it is best that you only go ahead with breast enlargement when you are absolutely sure you have finished growing. At the other end of the scale, there is no real maximum age for getting breast implants – do bear in mind, however, that beyond the age of fifty years or so, healing tends to be somewhat slower. Some doctors recommend waiting until you have had children, if you plan on having any, before having breast augmentation, as pregnancy tends to alter the breasts. However, so long as you are over eighteen, the age at which you choose to have breast implants is completely up to you.

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