Is breast enlargement painful?

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As with most cosmetic surgery, breast enlargement does come with some pain and discomfort. However, this should be carefully controlled with painkillers, as well as anaesthesia during the procedure itself, to make sure it does not become unbearable and stays at a level of discomfort rather than pain. The procedure itself should not hurt due to the use of anaesthesia, but afterwards your breasts will be uncomfortable for a while, as they will have fresh incisions and stitches, bruising, and be swollen, as your body will be getting used to the presence of the implants. Most of this discomfort should subside after the first week or so, and be completely gone after a few weeks, after which you should be completely healed apart from some scarring. If during this period you experience any intense or unusual pain, contact your surgeon or doctor straight away – there may have been a complication such as infection, or you may simply need stronger or different painkillers. There are some measures you can take to reduce pain or discomfort, such as avoiding exercise or physical activity, or using ice packs to help reduce the swelling. If the pain lasts for longer than you think it should, be sure to mention this to your surgeon or doctor at your aftercare appointments.

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