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How do I Prepare for Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

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Preparation for any kind of surgery is just as important as the procedure itself, your doctor or surgeon may request that you change a number of things within your lifestyle. These changes are of substantial importance to your health, safety and recovery. You should ensure that at all times you follow the advice given to you from medical professionals.

What will be expected of me?

You may be required to lose a certain amount of weight prior to surgery, you will be provided with a specific diet which will assist in this, and you will be given advice and guidance where needed so your attempts are successful. You may be required to give up smoking a substantial amount of time before surgery or at the least 48 hours prior to the operation and following it; this is because smoking increases the risk of infection and can also slow down the healing process.  You will be expected to attend consultations and appointments prior to surgery where you should be as open as possible regarding your medical history; you will also be required to provide specific information and will undergo checks such as blood tests and blood pressure. You should ensure that at all times you understand and follow this advice as your safety is important throughout.

On the day of the procedure what should I do?

You will be provided with specific timings regarding your appointments, and you should at all time turn up early for these. Once you have been provided with the requests for a change to your lifestyle, you should work at these constantly before your operation. You may be required to only eat specific foods or to not eat at all and only drink water prior to your operation; this is often due to the types of anaesthesia which will be used. You should ensure that you have the correct support around you so that when you come around following surgery you have the support needed for you. As well as this you should ensure that your surgeon and their team are fully aware as to what expectations you have to ensure your satisfaction following the procedure.

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