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Finding the right surgeon for you is often a difficult and stressful task, however there are specific things you will need to research into when ensuring that the surgeon you choose is not only suitably qualified, but also the right surgeon for you. You will find that if you are comfortable with your surgeon and their team, the procedure, its outcomes and the time leading up to your surgery will be substantially more relaxed and you will be put through less stress.


All surgeons whether working in the UK or abroad will have to have studied for various periods to obtain a medical degree; they will also have had to have experience for a number of years within the chosen area. If your surgery is taking place in the UK you should ensure that the surgeon you choose is a member of specific organisations. They must first off be registered with The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons; they should also be registered with the General medical council, when looking for this the surgeon should be able to provide you with a registration number which they are given as part of registering. Once you have ensured that your surgeon is registered, you can research into what other associations they are a member of, certain associations run workshops which ensure the surgeon’s methods are up to standard and are as contemporary as can be. There are numerous associations which a surgeon can be a member of, and it is worth asking about this during your consultation. Once you have determined that your surgeon and their team are fully qualified you should also look into how much experience the surgeon has had, you should consider his past works, how long they have been specialised in your specific area, and how complications have been dealt with. This will ensure that you are looking at all aspects of surgery and ensuring you receive the best quality and service.

Surgeons Abroad

When looking into surgery abroad it may be slightly more difficult to determine what qualifications your surgeon may need. You should therefore thoroughly research into this area, asking as much information from the clinics as possible, usually via telephone or email. Many clinics abroad will provide profiles for their surgeons stating what qualifications and experiences they have. As each country has different associations which surgeons can be members of it is sometimes confusing, but you should ensure that once you find a clinic you feel is suitable you will need to research into that countries requirements for surgery and then match these up with the profile of the surgeons within the clinic you choose.

Questions to ask

Part of your surgical procedure will of course be finding the right surgeon and medical team, part of this process is to be as open and honest as possible and ask every question you feel necessary. The team will answer them. Typical questions you should ask are

  • Where did you train?
  • Explain your reasons for surgery and what you expect.
  • How long have you been qualified?
  • How much experience do you have with breast reconstruction surgery?
  • What will happen if anything goes wrong?
  • How have you dealt with complications in the past?
  • Are my expectations from surgery realistic, do you think the results will match my request?
  • What will I need to do following surgery, and what assistance will I get?
  • Is it possible to see images of your previous work?
  • Is it possible to contact any of your past patients?
  • What is provided in the aftercare package?
  • If surgery goes wrong am I covered for additional surgery?

Many Private clinics and of course the NHS will not charge for a consultation, which means you can attend usually as many as you want, the NHS is slightly different as you will be referred to a specific hospital. With private Health care however you will have various options of clinics available to you, and you can attend as many consultations as you wish. With surgery abroad it is slightly more difficult, often clinics will offer a discussion overt the phone or via email, but if an actual consultation is required you may be required to pay for it, usually around 100 pound, these consultations take place when a representative form the clinic visits the UK. The clinics usually have a representative in the UK on a weekly basis.

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