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Dangers of Breast Surgery if you have Tubular Breasts

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Although considered unsightly, tuberous breasts have only a psychological effect upon you. While this is definitely not a minor issue, it does mean that physically you are in no danger. Electing to have surgery introduces a risk factor that was not there before – the procedure is cosmetic and elective, not (from a health point of view) ‘necessary’.

Many consider that it is a risk worth taking but you should be aware that it is a risk none the less. Your cosmetic surgeon can give you a clearer idea of the risk level involved in your particular procedure.

You should also be aware that the result may not be exactly what you hoped for. While corrective procedures are usually quite successful, it may not be possible (depending on your original condition) to recreate ‘typical’ breasts completely. That is to say that, while there may be a great improvement, you may still be aware of a slight lingering ‘deformity’ after your surgical procedure.

If your surgical procedure involves implants then there are risks not merely during the procedure but afterwards as well. Depending on the type of implant, it is possible that they may rupture or deflate after a time. There is also the risk that it may become infected. Some companies will replace the implant for free should you have problems with it so it is best to check if this is the case before you commit to any particular company or surgeon. It is important that you do plenty of research regarding the company who will be completing the surgery before committing to any surgical procedure with them.

In the case of any deterioration of the implants (should you have them) replacing them can cause further complications and possibly increase the chance of infection. It is likely that your surgical procedure to correct tubular breasts will involve reconstructive surgery to reshape the breast itself. Bear in mind that this can very rarely be perfect and you may not be completely happy with the final shape. Reconstructing and often recreating and imitating the breast tissue is a complicated process and you should be aware that it can be problematic.

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